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Captured Memories and Events by Colleen Alsobrooks and Brenda Ligon. We will gladly make pictures for every event that comes your way and want to remember for a lifetime. Our goal is to give great personal service to all our clients. We want everyone to leave happy with their photos. Have fun looking at your Images and get your order fast and easy.

I have always had a love for photography, capturing those memories of my own family;and it didn't take long before I wanted to do it for others.So I studied photography at New York Institute of Photography. That was the start of a deeper love for photography. I want to do photos that show the personalities of each client I am shooting, so I don't do the same shot for everyone unless it is requested. This makes it fun for all of us.

We also have an outside studio for you if you don"t have a special location in mind.
Thank you so much for looking. We hope to photograph you and your family soon. Find us on facebook.


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